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Hi everybody, My name is Hamid Rezaei you can call me AHA ( A.H.A ). I'm glad you spend your time on my profile.

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  • HamiD Rezaei
  • Mashhad, Khorasan Razavi, Iran
  • January 27
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Hi! Welcome to my personal page. I'd like to show my work to people around the world. It's a big oportunity to do a better work too.

I love analysis and security research in everything. Actually, I'd like to find the vulnerabilities in all of applications and protocols, in fact the ways to influence. Feel free to take a look around our site, take a look.

I believe the below sentence :

There are always things to learn.


  • Computer Software Engineering 2010 – 2012
    Jihad University of UAST

    Qualification: Bachelor of Science

  • CCNA Network October 2012
    Sharif University of Technology

    Qualification: Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
    Certification NO. 91-07-2325

  • Computer Software Engineering 2008 - 2010
    Technical & Professional College boys - Prof. Hesabi

    Qualification: Associate's degree


  • Attacks on LS Routing Protocol
    January 2013

    Detailed study of RFC 2328 (OSPF v2). Research on the known OSPF vulnerabilities and known methods and new methods of attacks on OSPF traffic.

  • Disinfection Win32 Ramnit.H Malware
    December 2012 – February 2013

    Use my tool for cleaning and disinfecting PE files (*.exe and *.dll) that infected by Ramnit.H malware.
    This tool is just for disinfecting of infected files, not be used for thorough cleaning infected systems.

  • Disinfection of Alman.NAB Malware
    June 2010 – July 2010

    My tutorial is about the disinfecting of Alman.NAB (ESET NOD32 AV) from an infected file with example and full details.

  • Attacks on SCADA systems
    May 2013

    SCADA System Vulnerabilities to Cyber Attack.

Networking Skills

  • Capable of handling all layer 2 attacks/defense and other layers, router hardening, security at routing protocols such as OSPF,BGP,RIP. Familiar with TOR network, Onion Routing and user anonymity. Able to implement different attacks in network and develop new tools for different/new attacks when necessary.

Programming Skills

  • Able to code custom tools and scripts related to databases, RCE and network using Delphi, Assembly and Python and using SCAPY, Sulley, PyDBG and other modules in python.

Cryptography Skills

  • Analyze cryptography methods like RSA and AES used in packet encryption in malwares. also able to analyze custom cryptography functions like custom XOR.

Forensics Skills

  • Experience in handling different file formats like ZIP, DOC, DOCX, JPG, etc. and also able to analyze memory dumps for malwares and vulnerabilities.

Malware & Vulnerability Analysis

  • Analyze different type of malwares and find out custom methods they are using on Windows, Android. Analyze vulnerabilities in binary files.

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  • How to Buffer OverFlow And Exploiting [Persian] September 2009
    on Exploit-DB

    My Article is about Buffer Overflow bug and how to exploit it,
    Also this paper describes some problem and technique in exploiting.

    Download EBook
  • Comprehensive OllyDBG Learning 2nd Edition [Persian] September 2013
    on Exploit-DB

    Private Publication : 27/1/2010
    Public Publication : 31/8/2013

    Download EBook
  • Paper Accepted May 2013
    Security on LS Protocols

    Oral presentation in sixth e-business system conference held by Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic). Accepted as a best paper at Network Security & Cyber Passive Defense panel.

    View Certificate
    Organizer Website
  • Paper Accepted August 2013
    The new security problem on OSPF routing protocol

    Oral presentation in the 16th Conference of National Association of Electrical Engineering.

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    Organizer Website
  • Paper Accepted July 2013
    Security on the routers in OSPF Adjacency method

    Oral presentation in the first National Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering and Computer Retrieval of Information.

    Indexed by Civilica.

    View Certificate
    Organizer Website
  • Paper Accepted November 2013
    A new attack on the routing tables in the OSPF protocol

    Oral presentation in the Conference of 8th Symposium on Advances in Science & Technology -8th SASTech 2013 ( CNMSecur ).

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    Organizer Website
  • Paper Accepted November 2013
    Security In Cloud Computing

    Selected Article and Accepted Paper about Security In Cloud Computing in the Information Technology Conference of Tabarestan University.

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    Organizer Website
  • Paper Accepted 2014
    A new attack on link-state database in open shortest path first routing protocol

    Published in JEEE journal, Journal of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

    View Article Information
  • Paper Accepted 2014
    Experimental study and propose a partial solution against ROP technique

    Published in System and Application Security conference aka SoftSec held by University of Shiraz.

    View Certificate
  • Paper Accepted 2014
    Subvert windows, bypass Security measures

    Oral presentation in seventh e-business system conference held by Amirkabir University of Technology. It's about software exploiting in two modes on MS-Windows family OS (user-mode and kernel-mode).

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Honors & Awards

  • Ranked 1st at NSEC CTF Qualification round 2013
    Isfahan university of technology

    First Iranian National Cyber Security Festival held at Isfahan University of Technology.

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    Organizer Website
  • Accepted as a Best Paper May 2013
    Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic)

    Accepted as a Best Paper of the Sixth International Conference on E-Business System.
    Held by Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic).

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  • 2st place in NSEC CTF Final round 2013
    Isfahan university of technology

    We (UI-Cert team) got 2st place in NSEC CTF Final round, First NSEC CTF from Isfahan university of technology will be held under the name of First national festival of AFTA aka Amniate Fazae Tabadole Etelaat.

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    Organizer Website
  • Ranked 1st at Nullcon CTFJanuary 2014

    Nullcon was founded in 2010 with the idea of providing an integrated platform for exchanging information on the latest attack vectors, zero day vulnerabilities and unknown threats.

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    Organizer Website
  • Workshop2015
    Malwares Analysis

    Invited presenter at Malwares Analysis workshop, Jihad University of UAST North Kh.

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